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Thinking of sponsoring a child or making a donation?

For $30 a month you can fund a child’s education and dramatically change the course of their life. Your contribution will cover a child’s tuition fees, food, medical care, uniforms, and other necessary supplies.
You will be providing a child with hope for the future, a place to be loved and cared for, knowledge, growth in Jesus Christ, and the opening of a door to many more opportunities that otherwise would be closed to them.
One time donations will go towards our start-up costs for the school. Through Bishop Wanok God has truly blessed us with the school buildings and we couldn’t be more grateful! There are, however, still many things to be covered before we can begin the school year: a few renovations and installations of electricity, classroom and boardroom supplies/furniture for both teachers and students, office supplies and furniture, kitchen cookware, grounds equipment, etc.

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With you we can change the lives of the Deaf in Uganda.
We appreciate you. God bless.
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Thank you!